Dr. Amanda Dale



international human rights leadership, values-alignment, research, projects, reports, results for non-profits

 International Human Rights Law Expert, Activist, Scholar, Non-Profit Executive, Strategic Engagement & Communications Specialist

"I am trained in the analysis and application of international human rights standards. I thrive on providing expert consultation to states and to rights-based organizations in both content and operations. I assist with their submissions to UN bodies, staffing concerns, government relations, policy design and implementation, legal reform strategy, educational programs, advocacy planning and crisis communications." 

Ten years as the Director of Advocacy and Communications at YWCA Toronto and a decade as the Executive Director of the Barbra Schlifer Clinic Expert advisor to the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, its causes and consequences

"I have known Amanda for more than two decades. I know her to be a principled non-profit leader with advanced skills in too many areas to list. She has a strong work ethic, advanced media relations and communication skills, and incredible human resources experience. I would work with her on any project that needs brains and heart in equal measure." Beth Jordan, Co-CEO, There Management Consulting Inc., founder, Adobe Consulting Services.

Current Roles

"I first met Amanda in 2007 while working on a family law project funded by Law Foundation of Ontario. I have admired her brilliance and commitment to social justice and gender equity since that time. I have always known Amanda to treat others with respect and understanding while using her unique blend of humour and positive energy.  Her knowledge and personality makes her an ideal candidate to lead any team towards personal and professional growth.” Deepa Mattoo, Executive Director, Barbra Schlifer Clinic.

"I have known and worked with Amanda Dale for 20 years, and it is a challenge to capture her greatest attributes in a few sentences. She is the go-to person to lead an organization through a change process: she has vision, insight, compassion, expertise with human resources and financial management and very strong communication skills that make her an ideal choice for this kind of situation. But there is more to Amanda than this. Her keen intellect make her a natural leader for any situation requiring analytical skills. She is a team player who knows how to share the spotlight. She is a hard worker and gets the job done, whatever is required. Her integrity is beyond question." Pamela Cross, feminist lawyer and women's advocate.

"Amanda Dale is exemplary and impeccable in all that she does. She is an expert on women's human rights content, access to justice, violence against women policy and programs, as well as a brilliant communications expert and administrator. Amanda knows how to grow organizations, strategically plan, create a vision that staff and stakeholders rally around, while creating an organizational culture that is trauma-informed, resilient and sustainable. Over the 20 years I have known Amanda, I have witnessed fearless and exceptional leadership that weaves vision into viable operational results and community impact. She is second to none." Suzanne Gibson & Associates, Consultant.

Experienced subject matter expert

panelist, crisis communications, and communications planning